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Customer Experience

"I would like to extend my gratitude towards your staff for their assistance at our conference. You have been with us for many years and I honestly could not imagine going to a conference without you."
 - Kim Lafferty, Drexel University, Director

"ResRec works diligently 'behind the scenes' to make our conference a success. Please know that your dedication does not go unnoticed."
 - Faith Copeland, Meeting Planner

"I feel confident when I see you and your staff working and that I will receive a quality product to offer our members. I commend you on a job well done."
 - Wayne Miller, Director

"Our members enjoy seeing you and feel reassured when they can purchase a superior product to bring back to their institution. I look forward to working many conferences with you!"
 - Becka Wells, Member

"You and your staff are excellent at anticipating the needs of our conference. You have made wonderful recommendations and it has only improved the look of our conference."
 - Sally Scott, Director

"I wanted to thank you for the DVD-Rom I purchased. I purchased the product as a reminder of the sessions that I attended. The DVD-Rom ended up being one of the most valuable tools for improving my skills as a General Manager."
 - Daniel Asis, Member

"The DVD-Rom made it very easy for me to transfer the mp3 recordings to my media player so I could listen to the lectures while I walked."
 - Janice Honeycutt, Respite

"ResRec has provided audio recording services for our annual conference for many years. Your contribution has enhanced the success of our conference and improved our bottom line."
 - Todd Nichols, Board

"We and our attendees have come to rely on your professionalism and quality products as a regular feature of our annual meeting."
 - Jackie Meyer, Board

"The quality of the Audio-CDs has been excellent and the addition of the DVD-Rom has been a big plus. The ResRec staff has been efficient, pleasant, unobtrusive and helpful in setting up and managing the recordings."
 - Kathleen Moss, Education

"ResRec plays an important role in our nursing conferences. Your service enables our members to 'Take Home' the best that our conference has to offer. Your staff are courteous, customer-oriented and a pleasure to work with."
 - Judy Draper, Professor

"I can't thank you enough for the fabulous recordings you provided for our annual meeting. From start to finish, ResRec made the entire process so easy; beginning with a contract that made sense."
 - Lou Palermo, Education

"Having worked at meetings where the recording representative seem to need supervision and constant guidance, it was a real treat to be able to not worry about the details of the recordings. I really enjoyed your company."
 - Yvette Robinson, Education

"I wanted to thank you for recording our annual conference again this year. As always, it was a pleasure working with you. I am always impressed with how organized you are with the variety of mini recording studios, video cameras, sales desk, etc."
 - Anita James, Education

"Even beyond your organizational capabilities, I must say that your professional and helpful attitude is always appreciated by my coworkers, faculty and symposium attendees."
 - Lynn Wetterberg, Education

"I always feel secure knowing that if anyone has a question, that you are always willing to be helpful in a very professional and friendly way."
 - Cindy Delaney, Meeting Planner

"The recording representatives that handled our meeting onsite, were always professional and a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment towards providing us with a high quality product."
 - David Bressler, Education


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