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About Us

Resourceful Recordings is a conference recording company, with over 24 years of experience within the convention industry. The company is located within the Green Mountains of Central Vermont, but services itís clients worldwide. We are proud of our evolution in growing alongside the digital revolution. We began by offering continuing education on audiocassettes and now we distribute education through a variety of mediums including Streaming Media & Digital Libraries.

Resourceful Recordings provides the convention industry with digital sound solutions. We utilized multi media products to customize a program for our clients to meet the needs of their members. Whether the association has a membership of 10,000 or 2,000, we will design a suitable program. Our company is small enough to work closely with our clients to work within the restraints of tight budgets.

Resourceful Recordings?mission is to extend the arm of education beyond the physical meeting and to allow association members to benefit from "all" the education presented during a conference; especially with limitations associated with concurrent programming. Our products are intended to stimulate networking and to create a forum where education can flourish all year long. Our goal is to bring added value to a meeting by working in tandem with the association staff, producing crystal clear recordings, providing a dependable service, and focusing on user-friendly media products.

Resourceful Recordings focuses on the delivery of your event content using the latest in meeting capture and content delivery technology. Using Streaming Media, we are now able to offer the visuals that accompany the speakerís presentations. We have packaged the content for seamless delivery to the association membership worldwide via the internet. With the advent of portable playback devices, the education can be accessed anywhere and at anytime.