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09-008 Audio CD: SYMPOSIUM: Increased oleic soybean oil for food product formulation

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Susan Knowlton
Pamela White
Gary List
Robert Reeves

09-008 Audio CD: SYMPOSIUM: Increased oleic soybean oil  for food product formulation


Efforts to reformulate food products to reduce or eliminate trans fats have led food manufacturers to seek alternatives to partially hydrogenated oils. To maintain product quality, formulators demand oil solutions that deliver equivalent or superior oxidative stability and product functionality, in addition to improved nutrition profiles. To address this need, researchers in the U.S. soybean industry are developing soybean varieties with enhanced compositional traits that will result in healthier oils with improved functionality. Increased oleic soybeans, containing an increased proportion of oleic acid vs. linolenic and linoleic acids, are among these varieties. The resulting oils have a high-oxidative stability, similar to partially hydrogenated oils, but with zero grams trans fat per serving. Increased oleic soybean oils will benefit a variety of food product applications, including margarines and spreads, snack foods, baked goods and heavy-duty frying. Products requiring high-heat processing will benefit from the superior resistance to flavor breakdown. Attendees at the United Soybean Board-sponsored session will learn the latest about increased oleic soybean oils, including mid- and high-oleic varieties. Panelists will discuss the fatty acid profile, functionality and stability testing, food product applications, supply and expected timelines for commercialization. The panel will also address the health benefits and improved nutritional composition of a variety of enhanced trait soybean oils available now and those currently in the research pipeline.