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05-099 Audio CD: SYMPOSIUM: Unique aspects of dairy fat in health

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Spencer Proctor
Robert Ward
Eva Warensjo

05-099 Audio CD: SYMPOSIUM: Unique aspects of dairy fat in health


Milk and dairy products have long been considered a factor in cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk because of the contribution they make to the dietary intake of saturated fatty acids. However, prospective and other cohort epidemiological studies have shown no association between milk and/or dairy food intake and increased risk of CVD or stroke (14 of 19 studies). The association between saturated fat intake and increased CVD risk seems to be inconsistent with the observations of the whole food. One plausible reason for the observed inconstancies between saturated fat and milk fat associations with CVD risk may be attributed to other milk fat components. Milk fat contains many beneficial components and has a unique composition compared to other dietary fats. In this session, emerging research documenting various effects of milk fat consumption, and constituents thereof, will be presented. Milk fat is the only significant source of dietary C15:0 and C17:0 fatty acids, and measuring these constituents in the plasma can be used to gauge milk fat consumption. Using this methodology, a more accurate picture of the role of milk fat in health can be measured, in contrast to simply estimating effects based on composition. Research showing the association between theses markers of milk fat intake (C15:0 and C17:0) and CVD risk will be presented. One interesting, and perhaps not well appreciated, component of milk fat is a membrane material that coats fat droplets as they are secreted into milk during lactation. The milk fat globular membrane is rich in bioactive lipids and membrane proteins, and is produced industrially in large quantities each year as a byproduct of butter production. It has been suggested in recent years that this material may have interesting nutraceutical properties, yet few studies have been conducted to determine any specific benefits its consumption may confer. Effects of feeding a diet high in milk fat globular membrane on gut mucosa, colonic microbiota